A Change

What I Want Wednesday

Until I decide what is next for me, I think that today’s post will be my last for a while.  Initially when I decided to start writing a blog, I kind of had it in my head that I would give it a try for at least 6 months to a year.  I am proud to say that I’m just one week shy of my one year anniversary!

I’m proud that I stepped outside of my box and gave it a try, it has been a great learning experience for me both personally and on the technology side of things.

I owe my home office, some painted furniture, a closet re-do and some fun crafts to my blog!

For now though, I’m finding that I cannot devote the time that is needed to continue creating and delivering the blog that I had originally envisioned.

Before I completely check “having a blog” off my bucket list, I’m going to take some time to think about a different approach.  I was thinking of possibly doing a monthly newsletter type blog which would combine all of the things that I like to chat about in one monthly post.

Whatever decision I come to, I’m so happy for the decision that I did make to get my first post out there (and that you where there on the other end to enjoy it!)

Hearing from readers is huge, I’m so grateful for the nice comments and feedback that I have received in the past and would especially welcome your thoughts and suggestions on this one!

For now……. have a beautiful day!




14 thoughts on “A Change

  1. Will really miss reading all of your fabulous posts – you have quite a talent! If you can find the time to send something out once in a while, I’ll always be eager to see it. Thanks for all of your efforts over the past year.

  2. I think that whatever you decide at this moment should be what is best for you! I think that you should try a monthly letter and see if it would be what you envision and I know all would enjoy it! You have done a great job and should be proud of what you have accomplished!! Always enjoyed reading and imaging myself on that front porch of a beautiful beach house or sitting in an amazingly decorated room.and waiting for that inspiration to hit me!!! I

  3. I have enjoyed the blog and all its beautifulness! I look forward to a monthly newsletter or anything else you decide to do!!

  4. Val,
    You are my inspiration, you are so creative , talented, fashion savy! You showed a side of you that we have not all been aware of and I’ve loved it!

  5. Val, I loved reading your blog. You kept me up dated on the new trends. I was happy to get some of your recipes. You are amazing with how you paint furniture and all the crafts you did. The makeovers were great. I’m going to miss it. You are very talented. Be proud of yourself.

  6. Val, I always enjoyed opening “Moore Beautiful” and viewing the trends,suggestions, pictures and post of the day. You did a great job. Thanks to you, I too, now have a decorated fall mantle. (Thanks too to Marshall’s – not to my creative talents!) I will be here when and if you decide to go forward with a
    ” Moore Beautiful Month” For now…Have a beautiful day!

  7. Val,
    I have really enjoyed your blog. You are a creative, fashion savy person. I hope you opt to continue I really enjoy it!!

  8. I agree with Susan–monthly works for me. Don’t go away completely!! Love reading your blog and learning from your wonderful sense of style. Moore Monthly–yes!! Please.

    In the meantime, may all that you put your hands to do be a rewarding experience for you and others in your life.

  9. I love your blog and would look forward to a monthly edition if you choose to do it. So proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone to try this and for the awesome product that is the result of your efforts. Have a beautiful day – you’ve been inspiring all of us to do the same. xo

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