Fall Fashion

The Denim Jacket

Fall is perfect weather for a denim jacket.  I don’t think a denim jacket is just for the younger folk either.  Like most items, worn the right way we can all pull it off if we want to.

There is a women who comes into the salon where I work, every Saturday to get her hair done, she is 85+ and she rocks a denim jacket like nobody’s business.  One of these days I’m going to feature her on the blog!  She wears her hair naturally grey in a page-boy cut, black framed glasses and she always looks fantastic and fashionable.

So take it from her, we are never too old for a denim jacket.  No need to spend oodles of money either, in my opinion, a $40 jacket works just as well as one that costs $200+.  I can’t imagine spending that kind of money on a jean jacket but there are plenty of brands that are on the upside of $200.  Here is a look at some denim from $20 – $118 and some age appropriate outfits.



 //Target // Gap // Madewell // H&M //


20 denim

 // Scarf // Jacket // Top // Pants // Booties // Bag //


30's jean jacket


 // Bag // Jacket // Necklace // Dress // Booties // Tights //


40 denim

// Bag // Jacket // Sweater // Pants // Boots //


mature denim


 // jacket // pants // shoes // bag // top // scarf //


Hope you get a chance to throw on your denim jacket and have a beautiful fall weekend!!




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3 thoughts on “Fall Fashion

  1. Valerie,

    I love all your fashion advice. So helpful for us older moms. ;-)

    Could you please address what a woman can do about finding bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.) if they aren’t the super slim type? It seems that all the pants are for the stick skinny ladies and I KNOW that there are many women of all ages that don’t feel comfortable or look good in that style. Any suggestions?

    By the way, you blog is always a highlight in my inbox! Keep up the good work.

    Happy Autumn!

    • Thanks so much! I’m so happy you like reading the blog :) I will keep your suggestion in mind for upcoming posts. I agree, it is frustrating when all they show is the super slim bottoms (I’m definitely limited when it comes to the choices that I show). Several retailers carry different fits in their pants and I will try and gather some info. for another fashion post. Thanks for the suggestion!

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